"...I used a neutron probe in my irrigation scheduling business for 25 years. Two years ago I gave the AquaPro system a try. I found the AquaPro to be better in every way. My only regret is not getting the AquaPro sooner..." (Paul Young, Young's Ag service, California)


"...scored the 'highest' when compared to the neutron probe readings...Alberta, Canada."


"...The most successful technology in this study appears to be the AquaPro~Sensors, which not only provided consistent readings, but were able to track conditions over the entire growing season...Oregon State University..." (tested during year 2000)



We supply you with free software to log your soil moisture readings on your computer and display them in a graph style of your choice. (Microsoft Excel required)

Welcome to AquaPro Sensors

Measure soil moisture at any depth from the surface down to 6’ (2m) depth
The more you know the more you grow!

  • Install a number of AquaPro's special 3 foot or 6 foot Access Tubes in the soil where you want to measure soil moisture. The tubes are left in the ground.
  • Lower the AP Moisture Probe down the tube. It reads soil moisture through the tube via low frequency radio waves.
  • The AP Moisture Probe will provide an accurate moisture profile, shown digitally in percent soil moisture, (100% is saturated and 0% is dry) over the entire root zone.
  • Soil moisture levels can be seen on our hand held AP-301 digital meter or use our AquaDavinci AP-827 logger to automatically save and transfer your readings to your PC.
  • It is quick, (it takes a soil moisture reading in 2 seconds)
  • 30 day full money back guarantee, one year fix or replace warranty.
  • It is portable! Start saving water and maximizing yields today.
  • Both the basic and logging systems are powered by one standard 9 volt battery.
  • Software for analysis and generating graphs is included.

You own your data and the sensor and can use it as often as needed. No licensing fees, no going to anyone’s web site. Just a simple to use, durable accurate tool.

A total root system moisture profile gives the irrigator the knowledge to make cost saving changes to irrigation cycles and to make these changes with confidence.

Soil moisture  is 72% at a depth of 12 inches.  The black rings show through the Access tube indicating the depth of the moisture probe in the root system. It's that easy!