The AP Moisture Probe is classified as a "Capacitance" sensor.  The Moisture Probe transmits a very low powered "Radio Frequency" through the soil to measure moisture.  There are two copper bands on the end of the sensor.  These two bands are radio antennas.  One antenna transmits a low powered "RF" signal that is received by the other antenna.  The proprietary microprocessor can determine the moisture content by the change in frequency of the signal it receives.  The more moisture in the soil, the more the frequency of the signal is changed.  The Moisture Sensor has a repeatable accuracy of  +/-  2%.  The Moisture Meter has a resolution of 1%.  A soil moisture reading can be taken in as little as 2 seconds! Dry is 0% and water is 100%

Manual irrigation systems
One AP Moisture Probe, one AP Moisture Meter, and as many PolyPro Access Tubes as there are places where you desire to take moisture readings. This will give you a wide, three dimensional, moisture profile for accurate irrigation planning. Also, very useful for follow up to see if the irrigation was deep enough to satisfy the root system. Buy the 12 Pack and get a free AP Easy Auger- and and a Rugged Carrying Case. OR...The Pocket Pro for quick and easy logging of moisture data. Very useful for large areas.


Deficit Irrigation - for grapes:

Researchers obtained both increased yield, and moreover, improved wine quality, through the use of strategic deficit irrigation. The Aqua da Vinci~Sensor is the only "affordable" soil moisture sensor that can reliably measure the necessary low soil moisture content in the soil during this procedure. Neutron Probe moisture sensing is expensive, infrequent and due to high cost, cannot cover a large area. Aqua da Vinci's Sensor can track Neutron Probe readings - why pay more? You start saving right away when you install Aqua da Vinci Sensor's 20 Pack - Long (2 meters). Will give continuous moisture readings, in percent, from the surface down to a 6 foot depth. This is a "one time" cost. You are money ahead the first year on Neutron Probe service payments, plus you have more frequent and useful data! We supply software to log readings on you computer and show moisture readings on a graph of your choice. Buy now and save $400 - for a limited time only. The new Pocket Pro Data Logger will do it automatically for you.

Aqua da Vinci's Pocket Pro (1 meter) - The Pocket Pro will log all of the moisture data; log the depth, % moisture, location, date and time of the reading and all with just the tap of a stylus. Actually, you can use your finger, it is that easy. You will never have to write down readings again! Just Active Sync your iPAQ Pocket Computer to your desk top computer. We supply all of the proprietary software so that you can see any, or all of your moisture readings, at every depth or at selected depths. Buy the Pocket Pro 20 Pack Best Buy (1 meter) Ease of use, reliability and the versatility of the multiple graphical presentations are hallmarks of the Pocket Pro data logger. Try it for 30 days to decide if it is suitable for your operation. If not, send it back for a full refund - we haven't had one sent back yet!!

How much water can I save with my irrigation system?

When you can see how much water is going beyond the root system - you can save BIG! When you can see the root system moisture profile it is easy to change the length of irrigation to only irrigate to the depth of the roots. Example: The moisture profile shows that the top half of the root system is drier than the bottom half. Shorten the duration of irrigation to only irrigate the top half until the bottom half indicates it is in need of water. Now is the time for a longer irrigation. This technique, of a short irrigation or two and then a more lengthy irrigation to reach the bottom of the roots, is not only good for the plants (it keeps the bottom roots from becoming water logged and allowing diseases to develop), it will save you water and not flush fertilizer beyond the roots where it is wasted and can contaminate the ground water. The most important thing to remember is that you must use the CORRECT amount of water at the the PROPER INTERVAL to keep the root system at its optimum moisture level. This will guarantee the maximum crop and the greatest monetary return. Aqua da Vinci~Sensors will show you when to irrigate and how much is needed. When you know more, you can grow more!

Will Aqua da Vinci Sensors work with my irrigation system?

Our Sensors work with ALL irrigation systems because you can see the soil moisture in percent over a one or two meter depth. This allows you to only irrigate when the plants need it. You also can see how deep the water is going. Only irrigate to the bottom of the root zone. Any further is a waste of water and fertilizer.

I have different crops at different stages of development, what do I need?

One portable AP Moisture Probe, one AP Moisture Meter and enough PolyPro Access Tubes to cover the different areas. The 12 Pack is a good place to start as it will cover a large area and save you money. As plants grow and the seasons change you need to adapt your irrigation schedule to changing plant moisture requirements. Precision irrigation is easily accomplished when you can see the depth of each irrigation. Now you can be sure that your plants are getting the water they need during their growth cycle - no more and no less!

Can I move Access Tubes to harvest?

Just pull them out. They can easily be re-installed before the next crop. When you buy the 12 Pack, we even give you a free soil auger.